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Frequently Asked Questions


What is hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding combines grass seed with a fertilizer slurry that holds the seeds next to the dirt and starts the germination process immediately. The slurry seals in moisture to keep the seeds protected as they start to take root in your soil.

In about 3-7 days you will see grass; and after 7-8 weeks you will have a full lawn that is ready to support any type of activity.

How much does hydroseeding cost?

We charge a flat $0.10/square foot, with a $100 minimum. For example, 6,000 square feet would be $600 and 600 square feet would be $100.

We provide free estimates if you're unsure of the square footage you need sprayed. We also offer neighborhood discounts if you and your neighbors all schedule for the same time.

What do I need to do to prepare my yard for hydroseeding?

The area should be free of all existing grass, weeds, rocks, and debris. If you are wanting to completely kill your yard and start over, spray the weeds with an herbicide like Round Up and remove the dead plants. We advise waiting at least 14 days before hydroseeding to be sure the herbicide is neutralized. 

We also suggest tilling your yard so the top 2-3 inches of soil are light and fluffy. This will give the grass seed a good root base. It will also help level out the soil so your lawn will be flat.

The better prepped your yard is, the better the hydroseed will grow!

How do I take care of my new hydroseed?

When we spray your yard, we will provide you with a detailed instruction list on how to care for your new lawn. Keeping the mulch mat wet and undisturbed are the most important factors in growing a healthy lawn. Try to stay off the sprayed area for 30 days in order for the grass to start establishing its root system. 

We suggest watering about 2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes during the first month. You'll want to gauge it depending on the temperature, soil quality, and type of sprinklers you have. Avoid overwatering! You want to keep the mat wet, but not have rivers of water. The rivers of water will run the seed right off the soil. After the first month, you'll want to water less frequently and for longer so the grass can establish a deep root base.

Will there be weeds in my hydroseeded lawn?

Yes, there will most likely be some weeds in your lawn. This is common and normal because there is naturally weed seed in the air that will use the mulch mat as a great germination bed, just as the grass seed does. However, the weeds are easily eradicated through fertilizing and mowing your new as instructed by us. We use a high phosphorus fertilizer in our slurry and recommend a high nitrogen fertilizer for one month after we spray. 

When is the best time to hydroseed my yard?

Whenever your yard is fully prepped is the best time to spray. As stated above, the better prepped your yard is, the better the hydroseed is going to grow. That being said, each season has advantages and disadvantages to spraying. Spring and fall don't require as much watering because of the cooler air temperatures, but the grass tends to grow a little slower due to the cooler temps. In the summer the grass grows quickly, but requires a lot of watering to keep the mat moist. 

When deciding when to spray, you'll also want to take into account when it will be easiest to keep animals, children, and visitors off your newly sprayed lawn. We suggest keeping the mulch mat undisturbed for 30 days to allow the seeds to establish a strong root base. 

Why Hydroseeding?

The Better Alternative to Both Hand Seeding & Sod

Hydroseeding provides a thick, lush lawn for less than sod and faster than hand seeding.

Why not hand seed?


  • While it is slightly cheaper to hand seed yourself, most lawns that are seeded by hand come in patchy. And you had to do all the work yourself! Then to fix the patches you need additional seed and fertilizer. With hydroseed, we do the work for you at just a slightly higher cost per square foot. We will also come out and reseed any patchy areas for free.
  • The mulch mat accelerates the germination process for the grass seed. This means that your grass will grow faster than if the area was just hand seeded. 
  • When people choose to hand seed over hydroseeding, it's usually to save money. However, as stated, most hand seeded yards come in slowly and patchy. Then you spend more time and money trying to fix the patches. We believe hydroseed will save you both time and money in the long run.

Why not just buy sod?


  • Sod costs a lot more than hydroseed. Sod ranges in price from $0.30 - $0.60 per square foot in our area, and even more than that if you want it installed for you. We charge a flat $0.10 per square foot and do the work for you so you're not out in the sun rolling out your sod. 
  • Sod has a hard time establishing a strong, deep root system because the existing roots have been cut. Hydroseed grows deep into the ground to establish a strong foundation that won't be easily ripped up. 
  • When people choose sod over hydroseed, it's generally to save time. It's suggest to stay of new sod for 4 weeks; however, hydroseed is ready for any sort of activity at 7-8 weeks. So are you willing to pay 3 - 5 times more for those extra three or four weeks of staying off the grass?

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